Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Forgive Me, I'm Not Apologizing

One thing I've tried not to do with any blog I've ever done is to complain or be negative about anything. It's never encouraging, no matter how sincere you are. However, I have to speak up and this seems to be the best place for me to get this off of my chest. So, here we go . . .

The American Music Awards seemed to cause quite a stir this year. Funny mishaps like Paula Abduhl's mic not being on to J-Lo's "leap of faith" are to be expected, it's a live performance, but the extreme over-sexed performances of a many of the artists was sickening. I only saw 1 1/2 of them.

Here is where I will not apologize . . . This is the first time I've ever even watched the AMA's, and even then I only watched about 7 minutes before it turned me off. The next day I saw several comments on a social networking site about the AMA's. The majority of them were talking about how disappointing the show and artist's were. Then a particular comment really caught my eye as it brought into question how God must have felt about Adam Lambert's performance (I won't even go there. I said it when he was on Idol, he is evil). I understood the question very well, as it was followed by a sad face :( driving home the point that God has granted him an ability to sing, perform, command attention, and draw people in, but it is being wasted. However, that to me is not the saddest part.

How God must have felt not only seeing so many talented people wasting, even abusing their talent, but also how He must have felt seeing so many of His people wasting and abusing His gift of time by watching it. Why are we shocked at what Hollywood does? Why do we continue to subject ourselves? Do we honestly think that one of these days Hollywood is going to repent (turn around 180 degrees)? I am more appalled at the fact that we are appalled byHollywood than at ourselves for indulging in it with our eyes and ears. Jesus asked what does light have to do with dark? If there is more dark than light, the light will be swallowed up by the dark? Have become so swallowed by dark? I say NO!!! We haven't. If we are still shocked then it's not too late. There is hope. But hope is not in changing Hollywood, it's in changing ourselves. Hope is in knowing that we can be a better servant of God by not allowing ourselves to be engulfed in the shadowy darkness of things in this world.

If I've hit a nerve then please forgive me, because I can't apologize.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Steps of Faith

This seems to describe exactly where Rebekah and I are, and have been for some time. I can't tell you how many times, in the last 3 days, you could have heard either of us make statements of surprise about being once again in Rome, Georgia. This isn't what we foresaw for ourselves. This isn't what we imagined as our "next move". This wasn't in the plans . . . , but I hear the Spirit whisper. . . My ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts. . . For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper and not harm you, plans to give you the future you hoped for. Rebekah or I neither one "hoped for" Rome, but nevertheless it is part of our future once again.

If I were to paint you a picture of where we are right now in this walk of faith, it would be something like this: You're walking down a well lit hall with a door at the end. The door is open, but the closer you get the door begins to close, and your time is limited. As you slip through the narrowing space, you find yourself in a room with no light, and yet somehow you feel secure. The room seems empty, yet you feel satisfied. You know there will be light to come, but it is not now.

So here we are walking the same path as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. On the same journey as Joseph, and it's all in the hands of God. These days are steps of faith.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Schools In

It's school season once again. Looking back at this last year, I realize I have been in God's school. It has been a time of personal growth and learning. Actually, it has felt more like graduate classes than anything. God spoke to me some time ago that it's not about asking Him to speak when WE think we need Him to, but whether or not we're close enough to listen. In other words, don't be too cool for school. Cheesy, I know, but none the less true. It is far better to pay attention to and be aware of those ways God is speaking through what is around you than to plead and beg so loud for Him to speak that we cannot hear Him.

One thing I've noticed during these times... Scripture seems to open in a deeper way to you when your in this learning process. It's very satisfying to your soul.

Stay in School!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Seasons Change

Life is a roller coaster, to say the least, but one thing I am learning as I get older (please, no old jokes) is that life is nothing more and nothing less than a series of seasons. We had a Hospitality Department Meeting last night, and this sort of came up. After talking with the leaders in this department we all began to realize that the lull we have been feeling is not confined to just us, but the entire area is experiencing it. It's funny how we can be so arrogant as to think that anything, good or bad, is only about us. Our area has been hit by a snow storm, an ice storm, , and a financial storm. Everything seems to be in slow motion, no matter how much we add to our to do list. It's like ol' man winter has crept into every aspect of life and begun to put a freeze on more than just the air. BUT SEASONS CHANGE!

Today, for the first time in a long time, it is suppose to reach 70 degrees. The snow is all gone and now the birds are starting to sing, and the birds on the bat are starting to play (Did you really think I could talk about spring and not mention Cardinals Baseball?). SEASONS CHANGE! The natural always mirrors the supernatural... something is changing. It's time to stir, arise and shake ourselves, for winter has passed and the springtime has come. Our SEASON IS CHANGING!