Monday, May 3, 2010

Where did you meet God?

My nephew and I had an interesting conversation the other day about his future, and mine for that matter. He's a young man full of dreams. I'm a getting older man, but still full of dreams. We started talking about his dreams and what it would take to get to them. Of course, the old "if that's what God wants, it will happen" statement came into the conversation. Me, being the "getting older" man, challenged that. Not because I think I'm wiser, but because I'm learning. I asked the "younger man" this question: Where does your obligation and God's opportunity meet?

I described to him what I believe is God's perspective of our dreams. I believe those moments when a dream starts to awaken in us is God whispering to us saying, "Hey Glyn, I've got this idea and I want to share it with you. Here it is . . . What do you think? I wanted to share this with you because I wanted to give you the opportunity to do something with it."

Here are a couple of things I've discovered:

1. People who seem to be doing the most FOR God are really just doing something WITH God. When God whispers a dream to you, He is inviting and igniting you to work with Him.

2. If God has to tell you every detailed step, then you've not been given opportunity, you've been given orders. We can get so hung up in trying to do the dream for God that we strip the opportunity down to an order, and thus discourage ourselves when we can't do it.

3. Do all you can in the human realm, and let God be responsible for all else. Let your obligation meet God's opportunity. A favorite line from a song I have been listening to lately. "The waters never part until our feet get wet!"

If it's a ministry you're dreaming of starting, go get training, experience, a 501c3, advice. If it's a business, check out the competition, loans, buildings, equipment.

Where will you and God meet???

Friday, April 30, 2010

I Dare You To . . .

I would be willing to bet 95% of you filled in the blank before you started reading any further. I'd also be willing to bet you filled it in with an action word, and the word you chose reflected some form of movement. So what is it that I am daring you to do...


I dare you to do nothing. Sometimes nothing is all you can do, and yet nothing is everything God wants you to do. In fact, doing nothing may even be His command to you. Wow. Have you ever offered to help someone because you genuinely wanted to bless them, and when you offer, their response is, "nothing." If you're like me, that can be a little frustrating. Dog gonnit, I'm trying to help you... don't tell me I should do nothing.

Dog gonnit, God, I'm trying to help you do something, for me. Don't tell me to do nothing. Funny how we want to do as little as possible and still reap full rewards, but can't handle it if God tells us to do just that, nothing, as little as possible.

God is big enough to do things the way He wants, but He's not as bull headed as we are. He'll let us keep pushing something when what He really wants is nothing.

I dare you to . . . DO NOTHING!!