Thursday, August 20, 2009

Schools In

It's school season once again. Looking back at this last year, I realize I have been in God's school. It has been a time of personal growth and learning. Actually, it has felt more like graduate classes than anything. God spoke to me some time ago that it's not about asking Him to speak when WE think we need Him to, but whether or not we're close enough to listen. In other words, don't be too cool for school. Cheesy, I know, but none the less true. It is far better to pay attention to and be aware of those ways God is speaking through what is around you than to plead and beg so loud for Him to speak that we cannot hear Him.

One thing I've noticed during these times... Scripture seems to open in a deeper way to you when your in this learning process. It's very satisfying to your soul.

Stay in School!

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