Monday, May 9, 2016

Decoding Your Destiny Pt 2

Glyn teaches on Decoding Your Destiny. A series of messages intended to give you the tools and understanding you need to discern and follow God's purpose for your life.

*Here are some additional notes on Destiny, Vision, and Purpose that were not used in the teaching....

Frustration comes when your ego and your wrong motives force you to try to become someone you were not made to be.

When you despise the place you're in, you are NOT prepared for the place you're going.

You'll be happy when you have vision.

A vision will bring fulfillment.

Purpose is the source of your vision.

Your purpose is why you are here; your vision is what you will do to accomplish your purpose.

You can talk me out of my idea, but you cant talk me out of my vision.

You are always equipped for whatever season you are in.

The deepest desires of your purpose will never leave you.  Romans 11:29

A prophet of God can confirm your vision, but a prophet cannot give you your vision.

You do not possess a vision.  A vision possesses you.

A vision is unselfish.  Always focused on someone else.  Always accompanied by compassion, and always building the kingdom.

You can mess up other people's lives by not being where you are supposed to be.

Your vision is inside of your mission.

Your vision is hidden in the places of your life you've shut down because of failures.

Inside of you is everything you need to reach God's intended ending for you.

His will is not lost or waiting to be found, it's inside of you waiting to be unleashed!

Dreams happen while you are asleep.  Vision happens when you're awake.

Achieving dreams requires you to take steps, which requires the use of your vision in order not to stumble.

You will never wish your dream into existence.  You can only WILL it into becoming real.

Vision Killers:

  1. Indecision is a vision killer and a joy stealer.
  2. Everything you leave unfinished will discourage you from completing other projects.
  3. Claiming balance when it's really fear.
  4. Trying to do everything will keep your vision unspecific.
  5. Multi-talented people can have so many gifts they don't know what they should do.
  6. Not recognizing the cost can kill your vision.
  7. Blaming others.

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