Monday, January 2, 2012

Lack of Spiritual Gifts - 11/1/11

On Nov 1, 2011, the Lord gave me a word regarding the lack of Spiritual Gifts and Ministry Gifts in the church. I believe we have moved into a new time frame on God's calendar. I believe this is a season of signs and wonders returning to those who dare to believe the words prophesied to them, but we must be on the producing side of things and not on the receiving end only. Here is the word given to me on 11/1/11:

The reason there is a lack of Spiritual Gifts and Ministry Gifts operating in the church is because the people have drained those anointings from those who have gained those anointings through private sacrifice. They have tapped into those anointings during times of public worship, but not sought after it in their own private sacrifice. They have stolen the anointing from those who paid the price because they were not willing to pay the price themselves. These gifts are given to the church for the growing up of the Body of Christ, not for the spoon feeding of babies. I say to the Body, “It is time to rise, kill, and eat! Grow up!” says the Lord. “Awaken yourselves from your slumber! It is the beginning of the third day. Arise, kill and eat! Strength is coming to you! Anointing is coming to you, but you must seize the day. Know, discern, and recognize the times and the seasons. Do not go into this day without the personal sacrifice.

I will repay those who have been drained of their anointing. I will require of them who have sucked dry the anointing of those who have paid the price in their private lives. Leaches who have caused my Shepherds to bleed will continue to crawl. But I am going to place a shield around my anointed. There is coming a day, a very soon day, where the anointing will not flow to those who will not grow up. My mercy is being extended, but they must seize the day while it is still light. If they will not heed the voices of the prophets I send to them, they will not continue to experience my anointing by the hand of those who pay the price. Once again, I say to the Body, ALL parts, not just congregations and not just ministers, but every living being that purposes to be the Body of Christ, rise, kill, and eat! Grow up!”

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